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Clients FAQ
Updated over a week ago

Here are some frequently asked questions about being a Client on Seersite. Feel free to chat with us directly if you have any other questions!

How can I become a Client?

Request to become a client today at and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

How can I book an Expert?

Depending on your project, there are various ways an expert can be selected.

1 -on-1 Bookings

A client can connect with a particular Expert of their choice by requesting a call via their Profile page. Given the Experts availability, they can either accept or deny the request. If accepted, a call is scheduled with the Expert to have your questions answered.

If you are unable to find the perfect Expert, Seersite can find and recommend one for you, on and off platform. With our highly trained staff and powerful search tools, you can count on Seersite to deliver the most knowledgable professionals on any topic.


Kodex is one of our most powerful proprietary tools that allows our clients to receive fast answers from experts they handpick. Simply post your question on any topic, select the experts you want to hear from and receive transcribed answers within hours.

What if I do not like the answer my Expert gave me?

After a Client completes an Expert call or receives a Kodex submission, they are able to review the Expert on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. This rating will greatly affect any future booking requests the Expert may receive, so they are highly motivated to deliver only the most quality answers.

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